Where can I find the website featured on Graham Nortons talk show where you can upload your photo and it turns it into spoof college pictures?

Answer David Letterman is niether Democrat nor Republican. He's voted both parties in past elections.

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A he-man like kids show from the late 80 or early 90 which featured a lizard or something that turns a guys family to stone and now he seeks revenge and a cure so his parents can live again?

Which old game show featured pictures of old gangsters?

What American talk show host turns 62 this Easter?

It's a program that will monitor all chat rooms, social networking sites, phone calls, and emails made in the UK. The information would be stored on a central database called Big Brother. It will o... Read More »

What was the name of the talk show circa 1981 that came on around 3 am and featured women sitting at kitchen table drinking coffee talking about their families and was on NYC channel 11 or 9?

it was Georgia who wins who is 13. she has a sister called Lydia who's 17 and a older sister Sophie who's 20