Where can I find the song "Spooky Walk"?

Answer……It's the first cd on the listYou can contact the people & learn how to buy it. Hope this helps :)

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I walk to work every day, at the age of 33, some people find this strange, does anyone else walk to work?

good for you !why on earth people think its strange i dont know, at least you'll be the fit one

R&P: What song would you like to play when you walk into a room?

judas preist - breaking the law…or motorhead - ace of spadesidk i just think id look like a badass coming into a room and having either of those songs play... Read More »

What song is this What would you do If I sang out of tune Would you get up and walk out on me?

"A Little Help From My Friends" by the Beatles - it's the second track on the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

Wedding song to walk down the aisle?