Where can I find the end user license agreement for games?

Answer What ever game your using the User Agreement is found when you start the install.To proceed with the install you have to agree with the User Agreement first.You may find a resume of it in the paper... Read More »

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How do I create an online user agreement on my website?

In this lawsuit crazy society we live in it is an absolute necessity for website owners to include what has become known as a "user agreement" or sometimes called "terms of use" page, which literal... Read More »

How to Make a User Agreement Appear at Startup in Windows XP?

Sometimes you will want to make a user agreement appear before a user can log on to a computer (for example, you are the computer administrator for a large network and you want to make sure people ... Read More »

What does MS Office License Type 1 user X3 mean?

Microsoft Office has a number of different licensing options including Perpetual, Subscription and Product Trial Program. The "License Type 1" term is a perpetual user license and the "X3" is the ... Read More »

What is a manufacturing license agreement?

A manufacturing licensing agreement (MLA) authorizes a foreign manufacturer to make a product related to U.S. national defense. For the necessary information or technology to pass from a U.S. to a ... Read More »