Where can I find sweet chili and sour cream flavored chips?

Answer Sour Cream flavored chips can be found almost in every store by all the chips! Not sure about the chili!

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Does anyone know where the best place to find the new Lay's flavored chips are?

I've seen them at Dollar General and Walgreen's. You can also try Walmart. Good luck! :)

I know that Faygo has made a Coconut Cream Pie flavored soda. Do they still make it Where could I find it?

That flavor is listed on wikipedia and it is not listed as a discontinued flavorYou can use the Faygo pop finder at the Faygo website (listed below) you can also buy it from the Faygo web site.

Cheese Dip Sour Cream Dip Or Salsa Dip Which do you like better with your Chips?

Well it depends on the chips:~For Tortillas I love Salsa and Queso. ~But for like Ruffles or similar I prefer a nice French Onion dip. ~Fritos it's Bean dip all the way. YUM!~Nacho Cheese Dorito... Read More »

Butter Sour Cream or plain how do you like your baked/sweet potato?

Baked Potato - Chili, cheese, sour creamBaked Sweet Potato - Butter only