Where can I find sweet chili and sour cream flavored chips?

Answer Sour Cream flavored chips can be found almost in every store by all the chips! Not sure about the chili!

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Cheese Dip Sour Cream Dip Or Salsa Dip Which do you like better with your Chips?

Well it depends on the chips:~For Tortillas I love Salsa and Queso. ~But for like Ruffles or similar I prefer a nice French Onion dip. ~Fritos it's Bean dip all the way. YUM!~Nacho Cheese Dorito... Read More »

Does anyone know where the best place to find the new Lay's flavored chips are?

I've seen them at Dollar General and Walgreen's. You can also try Walmart. Good luck! :)

Butter Sour Cream or plain how do you like your baked/sweet potato?

Baked Potato - Chili, cheese, sour creamBaked Sweet Potato - Butter only

I know that Faygo has made a Coconut Cream Pie flavored soda. Do they still make it Where could I find it?

That flavor is listed on wikipedia and it is not listed as a discontinued flavorYou can use the Faygo pop finder at the Faygo website (listed below) you can also buy it from the Faygo web site.