Where can I find spikes to place in pot plants to keep cats out?

Answer ANSWER: You can use vinegar to spray the soil and cats will not bother it. If you must make spikes, I use uncooked spaghetti or plastic forks with the tines pointed up.

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How do i keep cats out of house plants?

Use Sticky Paws for PlantsMost cats love to shred plants because they're in dirt. To keep cats out of the dirt, try using Sticky Paws for Plants and apply as directed. Cats hate the stickiness of t... Read More »

Do juniper plants keep cats away?

I have absolutely no idea, but they are not poisonous to cats.If you want cats to keep away from your garden, there isn't really any way to keep them out.However, you could put a motion-activated n... Read More »

How to Keep Stray Cats Out of the Garden Without Killing Plants?

Stray cats are attracted to the loose soil in prepared garden beds and scratch and dig in the area. The cats also use the garden as an outdoor litter box. Stray cats do not have owners who can cont... Read More »

Can you put cayenne pepper on your plants to keep cats and dogs away?

Yes, but it might not work.For dogs, try using vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the perimeter and between the rows and no more unwanted visitors. Their sense of smell is too sensitive and they will... Read More »