Where can I find someone to lend me money WITHOUT going through a bank?

Answer Why not apply for a credit card with a $2500.00 limit? That way , you could either charge the item, or take a cash advance and pay for it. The interest on some cards is REALLY low for the first s... Read More »

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How to Lend Money to Family?

When a family member asks you for money, choosing to oblige can be a very difficult decision. Many experts suggest that it is not a wise thing to do, but with family, it can be almost impossible to... Read More »

How to Lend Money to a Friend?

Be sure you get this kind of money back!Everyone has had to deal with a friend who says, "Can I borrow some money? I promise I'll pay you back." Whether you decide to lend the money is up to you, b... Read More »

Can Collection Agencies Find Out How Much Money You Have in the Bank?

Federal law limits collection agencies from using certain tactics against you as they attempt to collect debts. A collection agency won't legally know how much you have in your bank account unless ... Read More »

How to Lend a Small Amount of Money?

If you've lent money to someone in the past and never saw it again, chalk it up to one of life's lessons learned. Next time try this simple method.