Where can I find organizations that can sponsor our school?

Answer Hooray, at last he gives a half decent answer.

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How to Sponsor a School?

School employees make it their priority to create the best possible educational environment for students. Unfortunately, sometimes this can cost more than their budget allows. Money must be dispers... Read More »

How to Find People to Sponsor a Teacher?

Teachers who work in impoverished areas often require a sponsor to help pay their salaries and living expenses in order to keep teaching. Children seeking an education in poor regions of the world ... Read More »

How can i persuade businesses to sponsor my school so that we can go on an adventure trip?

Give them something in return.. e.g. advertisement - and explain how it will benefit them.

How to Find a List of Nonprofit Organizations?

There are many resources that provide the names and contact information of nonprofit organizations across the country and the world. Whether you need a list of local charities, or a larger list of ... Read More »