Where can I find low-cost health insurance?

Answer On One Hand: Options ExistThere are options for accessing low-cost health care for those who do not have insurance. Nonprofit health care plans and state plans often offer low-cost health care opti... Read More »

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Where can a 61-year-old find affordable health insurance?

== Answer =="Affordable" and "Health insurance" do not go together any more. Your only option would be to get group insurance through an employer.

Where to Find Affordable High-Deductible Health Insurance?

Health insurance is one of the biggest expenses in many people's budgets, but going without coverage can be far more costly. In order to reduce the amount paid in premiums, many people look for low... Read More »

Where do you find affordable health insurance for a single mother of three?

Answer Not sure Wiki.Answers allows posting direct hyperlinks to affordable health insurance options in the answers, so email me if you want suggestions for you. Include more details on what kind... Read More »

Facts on the Cost of Health Insurance & Health Care?

The factual data on the costs of health insurance and health care present a disturbing trend -- that the cost of health care, even with insurance, is growing for all Americans. Facts gathered by th... Read More »