What Is Ceramic Cookware?

Answer Ceramic cookware has been a relatively unknown and unpopular type of cookware over the years. This type of cookware has gotten a bad reputation because of potential safety hazards, but it is actual... Read More »

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Ceramic Cookware Safety?

The term "ceramic cookware" refers to a vast array of cooking vessels. Most likely the first that come to mind are casseroles, soufflé cups and enameled Dutch ovens. But the category also includes... Read More »

Is anodized cookware safe to use on ceramic stovetops?

On One Hand: Anodized Cookware is CompatableAnodized cookware is chemically treated aluminum designed to have a durable, non-stick surface. Manufactures indicate that anodized cookware is compatibl... Read More »

Can you use Calphalon cookware on a ceramic glass cook top?

According to, you can use Calphalon cookware on a ceramic glass cook top. Each piece can withstand oven or stove top temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with a lifeti... Read More »

Can you use enameled cast iron cookware on a GE ceramic cooktop?

According to GE Appliances, porcelain-coated cast iron enamel cookware may be used on a radiant smooth glass cooktop, as long as the porcelain enamel completely covers the cookware. Non-coated cast... Read More »