Where can I find information about gadgets and stuff in general?

Answer has some great links/articles about gadgetry.

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Hey, can anybody say me some books which tell you how to make some gadgets or some electronic stuff?

How about QST magazine?Or back issues of Radio-Electronics and Popular-Electronics.

Where can I find quality electronic gadgets?

I have found this website: Luteo Electronic Gadgets. They carry interesting stuff such as spy camera (watch and pen cameras etc). Good stuff. Great service, delivery in 4 days. Have a look.

Can one find out that his phone is being tapped Are there gadgets to detect such unlawful activity?

Dilli , no one cant know that , its kept as secret , govt doesnt allow anybody to know that , though tapping is considered as wrong , but due to sake of nation security we have to compromise with... Read More »

How does Wikipedia get all there information about people and stuff?

A lot of it is plagiarized from good sources (like books and newspapers), but also a lot of it is just plain made up. But, to make things difficult for you, the truths, lies and misunderstandings a... Read More »