How do I find my septic tank?

Answer Ask AroundAsk former owners of the house if they know where the septic tank is located. Call the local health department and local plumbers, and ask if they have any records of the tank. Plumbers ... Read More »

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An Easy Way to Find a Septic Tank?

There are many important areas of your home that you might not think of often. One of these is your septic tank. Your septic tank is the depository for the solid waste and sewage from your home. Th... Read More »

How to Find the Cover of a 1000 Gallon Concrete Septic Tank?

Concrete septic tanks require little maintenance from year to year. Periodically, however, pumping all solids out of the tank is necessary to keep the system working properly. If the location of th... Read More »

Where is the septic tank located?

The septic tank is located at least five feet from the building and buried from one to three feet below ground. A map of the septic system should be on file at the county recorder's office. Find th... Read More »

Where Is the Cleanout Cover on a Septic Tank?

A septic tank cleanout, or manhole, cover is located on top of the tank. If you have slow-flushing toilets, or notice an unusual sewer odor, your tank may need to be pumped out. The manhole cover i... Read More »