Where can I find good sushi in Denver?

Answer Sonoda Sushi is the best in town. They have a few different locations. And ask about "frequent flyer" card- you get a gift certificate after you spend a certain amount.

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Is sushi good for men to eat?

I have never had sushi. Is it good?

ITS good but its not that good that you will die if you dont eat itI still think Mexican food taste better dunno why but their food is full of good taste xDTip When you eat sushi dont eat alot of t... Read More »

Good Sushi in St Marks NYC?

I've never heard of a buffet-style sushi restaurant.I queried for sushi restaurants on St. Marks Place for you. This is what came back.Jebon15 St. Mark's Place (between 2nd & 3rd Ave... Read More »

What's a good place to try sushi?

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