Where can I find good online games that teach a kid to read?

Answer This teaches you to spell and has spiderman. Kids love spiderman!…Qbox is an awesome puzzle game where your objective is to rearrange letters to make prop... Read More »

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How to Find Good Games Online?

This is how you find great online games.

Games to Teach Children to Read?

Add to the dexterity of a child's reading skills by incorporating reading games into lessons. Instead of relying on rote memorization drills, turn reading into a fun activity to get a young mind an... Read More »

Games to Teach 1st Graders How to Read and Do Math?

When children play, they learn. Teachers who use games to teach first-graders how to read and do math help instill confidence in young people. Use games that teach vocabulary, sentence patterns and... Read More »

How to Read Hunger Games Online Using OnRead.Com?

Want to read Hunger Games, Catching Fire, or Mockingjay but can't wait for the library to get the book? Read the following steps to read these books online with no download and no payments. (not a ... Read More »