Where can I find an assemble-at-home job?

Answer In the age of the Internet, almost anyone can do anything anywhere. Assembling items at home can be one of those things. Home assembly is quickly becoming a very lucrative business, and it is a gre... Read More »

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How to Assemble a Computer at Home?

Assembling a new computer out of the box can sometimes be a tricky endeavor. Despite the best efforts of computer manufacturers to include easy-to-follow pictorial instructions, these instructions ... Read More »

How to Assemble Hair Clips From Home?

Homemade hair clips are an easy way to accent your hairstyle, or add length through homemade hair extensions. Once you create your first set, you will see that the options for creating homemade hai... Read More »

How to Assemble Jewelry From Home for Cash?

New work-at-home opportunities arise every day, especially in this age of technology. One of the largest moneymakers is jewelry. Women love jewelry. Men love buying jewelry for the women they lo... Read More »

I've done a lot of home repairs, but now where can I find the materials for home-wrecking?

Your local mall should have everything you need: 1 patent leather bustier (Victoria's Secret?)25 quarts of 30W motor oil (Target automotive)1 Clawfoot replica bathtub (Furniture store)1 Herb Alper... Read More »