Where can I find an airport in Yukon, Canada?

Answer The Yukon offers four airports and 25 aerodromes, or airfields, as of March 2010. The two main airports in the territory are the Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport at Whitehorse and the ... Read More »

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Is the Yukon Trail located in Canada or Alaska?

The Yukon Trail, formally known as the Chilkoot Trail, begins in Dyea, Alaska and ends at Lake Bennett in British Columbia, Canada. The former Tlingit trade route is 33 miles long and is co-operate... Read More »

The nearest airport to Fruitvale, Canada?

Castlegar Airport is the closest airport to Fruitvale, a small village in British Columbia, Canada. The airport, with code YCG, is about 25 miles from Fruitvale, which was home to 1,952 citizens at... Read More »

What airport is used for Niagara Falls in Canada?

Due to the lack of commercial airports on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, commercial airlines fly to Niagara Falls International Airport in the United States. Niagara District Airport, located ... Read More »

Who has access to your personal information at the airport in Canada?

At airports in Canada, travelers' personal information is accessible to members of the Canada Border Services Agency. These workers have access to information such as date of birth, name, gender, f... Read More »