Where can I find a traditional Polaroid Camera?

Answer Here is one that is definitely not a trillion...LOL!…How much are you willing to pay? I have one but I'm not sure I want to part with it.Hope this helps!

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I want a polaroid camera for christmas, I found the camera, but I cant find any film... help!?

How about that!Polaroid went bankrupt and stopped making cameras and film. In December of 2008, the last film was manufactured. At this time any of the film that is still around has expired.If yo... Read More »

What Camera Is Better the Polaroid Digital Camera I737 or the Polaroid Digital Camera I735?

Once a name synonymous with instant printing cameras, Polaroid has developed a robust brand to include such diverse products as printers, digital cameras, LCD televisions and even sunglasses. Among... Read More »

Where can i buy an old polaroid camera?

on ebay, of course...cost would be a few bucks...

Where can I get an old Polaroid camera?

I get mine at thrift shops. About $2.50 for a nice 600 series PolaroidFilm will be what costs you the real money. About $25 for 8 shots…Or, you can use a... Read More »