Where can I find a sake set?

Answer ebay

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Where can I buy sake online?

If you're turning 21 soon, why not just wait then go to a Japanese restaurant there and order shochu or sake? Try Katagiri.

What is sake?

Sake has its origin in Japan where it is perhaps the most popular drink for adults. Fermented from koji rice grown especially for the purpose of making the drink, sake has a relatively high alcoho... Read More »

How to Serve and Drink Sake?

Sake (pronounced "sah-keh", not "sah-kee") refers to any alcohol in Japan, though in the west commonly refers only to Japanese rice wine or Nihonshu. In Japan there are some traditions surrounding ... Read More »

How to Make Japanese Sake?

Japanese sake is made of only five ingredients, but the combination yields a smooth and complex flavor. Sake is the perfect accompaniment to sushi and will lend your sushi party note of authenticit... Read More »