Where can I find a programming buddy or mentor?

Answer Ha, I think this is also a great topic. I'd be interested in setting up some sort of network or forum or something. I have a decent set of web skills (html/php/css/sql) as well as perl. I did th... Read More »

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How to Find a Mentor?

We have all needed some kind of mentoring at some point in our lives. A mentor is defined to be "a wise and trusted counselor or teacher"[1]. The key difference however between a "mentor" and a "te... Read More »

How to Find a Business Mentor?

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How to Find a Mentor in wikiHow?

Mentors provide one to one coaching. Here's how to find a mentor on wikiHow:

How to Find a Mentor on the Computer?

Mentors can provide unbridled value when it comes to establishing yourself within a certain field or area of work. Advice, support, encouragement and ideas are all coveted qualities of a good mento... Read More »