Where can I find a memory chip for a Pentax K1000 My girlfriend lost hers.?

Answer They are available at camera shops everywhere. Go in and tell them what you are looking for.The memory for the K1000 comes in canisters, though, and it is only usable one time, so you have to keep... Read More »

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Pentax Can in interchangeable lenz for K1000 be used to the new Digital Pentax?

Yes, perfectly without problems. Metering will work so there is no guesswork needed while in manual mode. The best part is, even if you have a manual focus lens, it will be supported by Shake Reduc... Read More »

I have Pentax K1000 SLR camera, and I dont know how to use it in a best possible way.?

The Owner's Manual for the camera should explain everything. Another excellent resource is "How To Choose & Use Pentax SLR Cameras" by Carl Shipman. Its an expanded version of the Owner's Manual wi... Read More »

Pentax K1000 focus ring not functioning?

Hi, I'm sorry to hear you're having a problem with your K1000's 50mm lens! I can tell you that the first mistake you made was buying this off eBay instead of a reputable camera shop like ... Read More »

How to Make the Perfect Photo With a Pentax K1000?

The Pentax K1000 was manufactured by Pentax from 1976 to 1997. The camera is a fully manual 35mm film camera that was popular with beginners and photography students alike who wanted a manual camer... Read More »