Where can I find a good repeater that goes far!?

Answer a radio repeater will cost more like $2000. it is a much more sophisticated device than a simple handheld. Also unlike low cost FRS handhelds, a repeater will require licensing and frequency coord... Read More »

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What is a VNC repeater?

A VNC repeater is an application that allows you to connect to VNC servers if either you or the servers are behind a firewall. The VNC repeater application is installed on one computer behind the f... Read More »

Homemade PVC Wi-Fi Repeater Antenna?

The farther you get from a Wi-Fi signal, the weaker it becomes. A repeater antenna relays the Wi-Fi signal so you can pick it up at a greater distance from the transmitter.

Can I use my Netgear WGR614v8 as a repeater?

What is a cell phone repeater?

A cell phone repeater is a device used to improve cell phone reception, most often in a specific building. Cell phone repeaters are used in areas that lack network coverage of cellular broadcast to... Read More »