Where can I find a good repeater that goes far!?

Answer a radio repeater will cost more like $2000. it is a much more sophisticated device than a simple handheld. Also unlike low cost FRS handhelds, a repeater will require licensing and frequency coord... Read More »

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In Twilight the movie, Bella goes on a google search (the cold ones) where can i find that exact page?

What is the song that goes get it get going till you get it on but youll never find it nooo cause you just wanna I heard it on the NHRA four-wide nationals on ESPN and it sounded good?

Yes the FCC regulates everything on TV, Radio, Newspapers etc... But anybody can say what they want as long as they can pay the fees.

What wire goes where on your caller ID that goes to your Direct TV?

Where the Wires Go The jacks on the back of the caller ID unit labeled, `phone` attaches to the satellite box and the one labeled, `line`, attaches to the phone line.

In Atlanta, where can I find a restaurant that serves good siopao?

Eurasia Bistro - 129 East Ponce De Leon AvenueNam Vietnamese - 931 Monroe Drive N.E. (Midtown Promenade)Bluepoint - 3455 Peachtree RoadChoptstix - 4279 Roswell RoadSweet Lime - 1128 Euclid AveAll o... Read More »