Where can I find a good ice cube recipe?

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How to Find Cube Root in Ti-84?

The cubic root of a number multiplied by itself three times equals the original number. For example, the cube root of 27 equals three because 3 times 3 times 3 equals 27. The cubic root, however, i... Read More »

How Do You Find the Perimeter of a Cube?

Finding a perimeter for a cube might seem difficult since perimeters are generally associated with two-dimensional shapes, and a cube is a classic three-dimensional object. A cube, though, can be v... Read More »

How to Find the Surface Area of a Cube?

The length of an edge is called side s. Here s = 3, is the side dimension of the face of the cube.Here is how to find the total surface area of a cube. A cube has all sides congruent which simplifi... Read More »

What is the formula to find the volume of a cube?

The volume of a rectangular solid is equal to its length times its width times its height (V=lwh). Since the legnth, width and height of a cube are all equal, the formula for the volume of a cube i... Read More »