Where can I find a better windows 7 volume mixer?

Answer Well, you could download some 3rd party apps like this. if you really want better sound and better control of it, you could get yourself a sound card to add ... Read More »

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Where can you find a manual for your KitchenAid 3-C mixer?

If one didn't come with your mixer I would try going online and google it. But I am not 100% sure it will work.

Yamaha mixer and receiver volume amplified ?

If this Is a home audio receiver then I have a possible solution. Not being able to see the 2 things could depend if this might work. Most audio mixers and almost all home receivers have the 2 clas... Read More »

How to Replace the Volume Mixer Icon in Vista?

The volume mixer icon in the systems tray, or notification area, of Windows Vista has been the same for many generations of Windows. It's hard to imagine how to control your sound without it, altho... Read More »

Where is the volume control panel on Windows Vista?

You can access Vista's volume mixer, previously referred to as the volume control panel in XP, by clicking on the volume (speakerphone) icon located on the task bar. This opens up the panel that al... Read More »