Where can I find a VCR adaptor for an old camcorder from the 1980's?

Answer The older camcorder used the smaller-sized VHS tape cassettes called "VHS-C" which were designed for handycam-sized camcorders. To play them in a full VHS player you inserted them into an adaptor i... Read More »

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How to Find Stereo Equipment Made in the 1980s?

Sound recorded in stereo is produced by at least two independent audio channels which are transmitted through a symmetrical set up of loudspeakers . This technique is used to give the impression th... Read More »

My hp5470 scanner power adaptor is damaged, i need a power adaptor can any one help?

Just get the details off the adaptor, go down to Radio Shed, Worst Buy, Jerkit City, which ever electronic store you favor, and get another one. Make sure to get one with the correct voltage output... Read More »

Please help me find a camcorder?

Best Buy is probably your best buy. Wait until Friday (Black Friday) if you don't mind the wait and get it cheap.

Help me find a camcorder?

You did not tell us which Mac you are using.All camcorders have manual and auto features. As the camcorders get more expensive, the manual features are easier to get to (on the outside of the camer... Read More »