Where can I find a Quick Basic 4.5 download?

Answer Hi,Try here :-…Arnak

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I want to find/download C# but not the visual basic ****!?

You appear to object to IDEs. The natural way to develop C# is using Visual Studio, and if your not doing it professionally Visual Studio Express.If you don't want to use an IDE but edit files usin... Read More »

Where Can I Download Visual Basic 2010?

Visual Basic 2010 is the latest version of the popular Visual Basic programming software produced by Microsoft. Microsoft offers a free but limited Express Edition for download, as well as six dif... Read More »

Where do I goto download free limewire basic?

Go here:…and select the "Basic" tab, this is the Free Edition. With this you do get Free ILLEGAL music. Just a fair warning, people do get busted on this f... Read More »

Where can I download the basic or stock or original iPhone theme so I can edit?

before we start do not ever get a PC if you have apple equipment, get a mac. but i would certainly go for the iPhone 4 because you can pretty much do everything that a PC can. Email, itunes etc.