Where can I find a Quick Basic 4.5 download?

Answer Hi,Try here :-…Arnak

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I want to find/download C# but not the visual basic ****!?

You appear to object to IDEs. The natural way to develop C# is using Visual Studio, and if your not doing it professionally Visual Studio Express.If you don't want to use an IDE but edit files usin... Read More »

How do you download LimeWire Basic?

Answer-- Go to download the free version, and follow the installation wizard. Go to the link shown above, keep selecting 'basic' and select... Read More »

Where Can I Download Visual Basic 2010?

Visual Basic 2010 is the latest version of the popular Visual Basic programming software produced by Microsoft. Microsoft offers a free but limited Express Edition for download, as well as six dif... Read More »

Is Limewire basic a safe download site If not what is?

First of all, it's not a site, it's program u download. And yaah, you could say it's pretty safe. I've ahd it for a long time and it hasn't given me problems. Just remember to ONLY download files ... Read More »