Where can I find a 90s style VHS Camcorder with a microphone and everything?

Answer Sony never made a VHS camcorder. If it was Sony, then it was Video8. These have not been made since the 90s. Try Craigs List, eBay or other thrift stores. and you are right, finding one that still ... Read More »

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How do I use an external microphone with my digital camcorder?

That model doesn't not have an external microphone jack. I don't know of any "real" camcorders that record in MPEG. Most non-HD cams record in .avi. Yours records in AVCHD, which is getting pret... Read More »

What's a good value DVD camcorder with a microphone port?

Check the Canon MV series. They are the equivalent of the US Canon ZR series. Be advised that while they do have a 1/8" mic jack, they do not have manual audio control - this may not be an issue fo... Read More »

Where can i find a camera/camcorder with these features?

Well with that budget the quality wont be there in my opinion. You get what you pay for always, brand wise go with Canon or Nikon. They both Have great cameras, being on a budget I would go used de... Read More »

I would like to buy a camcorder with certain do I go about finding one with everything I want?

Here's a helpful buying guide:…when you've decided on the features that you want in a camcorder, here's a good website for camcorder reviews: Read More »