Where can I find a sample television episode budget for a one-hour drama?

Answer Not as of the end of season 6. I can tell you that she'll be alive until the final episode, but I'm not sure if she'll live through to season 7. I hope she does though! She's my favorite.It has bee... Read More »

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Where did springfield come from?

The original settlement was founded in 1820 by John Kelly and was named Calhoun after senator John C. Calhoun. The name was changed to Springfield in 1832 after the senator fell from public favour.

How to Find Cream the Rabbit in Sonic Adventure Dx?

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How to Find the Trophy Room in Sonic Generations?

In Sonic Generations for Xbox/PS3/PC there is a secret statue/trophy room. Read the tips below to find it!

How to Find All Chaos Emeralds in "Sonic Rush"?

Chaos Emeralds are rare items in the Nintendo DS title "Sonic Rush." Collecting all seven Emeralds unlocks an extra zone for Sonic the Hedgehog and company to play through after the player beats th... Read More »