Where can I find Paint on my cumputer?

Answer In the search box, type 'paint'or, go toStartAll programsAccessoriesPaint

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How long should i be in the cumputer?

Assuming you meant computer instead of cumputer, only you can decide that.

What does it mean when you run a cumputer scan and it says error with regestry?

The registry can be corrupted. Get AVAST. It is FREE and it can scan your computers and rebuild the registry so it worls flawlessly.Here is the link…

I have dial-up.will it be ok to leave my cumputer on all night downloading music?

sure, as long as you don't care that no one else can get a hold of you through the phone line.

I want to send kinda like a text message from my cumputer to her cell i know its possible any ideas?

There are several websites that provide this service, free of charge.Here is one example: