Where can I find English subtitles for BBC battlefield series?

Answer Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed

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Can you put subtitles on bravia x series TVs?

Answer Hi, If the subtitles are included in the program content, you should be able to display the subtitles. All televisions made after 2002 (I think that's about the right year) are required to ... Read More »

Does anyone have the subtitles for the 1996 series The Sentinel?

Where can you get Chinese transalation English subtitles for firefly?

Possibly since their immortality does not become official until after they are first killed. They will not become immortal if they die a natural death as they keep aging like a regular person- a vi... Read More »

How do I find movie subtitles?

Find the DVD MenuPlace the movie in your DVD player and wait for the main menu to appear (you may need to push the "Menu" button on the remote to bring it up). Then look for the "sound options" or ... Read More »