Where can I find California programs to help pay for child care ?

Answer…Helpful site for the state, lots of links for everything you would needDepending on how much funding they have, you may be required to be working to get a... Read More »

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I need help, I'm looking for three philosophy statements from three different child care programs?

You really should be doing your own homework. Are you comparing three types of child care, or three child care programs?Look up the websites of three child care centers in your area. Read their m... Read More »

Where can we find funding to open up a child care center in Tallahassee, Florida?

kis inc. Phone: (850) 414-9800FAX: (850) 414-9810Human Resources Fax: 488-0475E-mail: info@kidsincorporated.org

What age can a child in California legally ride in the front seat of a car with no airbags and where can I find this within the DMV or CHP code?

Child Life Specialist Programs in California?

A child life specialist works in and out of hospital settings as health care professionals who uses his knowledge and expertise in child development to work with children and families who are exper... Read More »