Good movie editing software?

Answer Good editing software (HD ready/capable) are the likes of Nero7, Studio10 and Cyberlink, and costs less than $100.Since you are upgrading to an HD camcorder, it comes with a cyberlink editing softw... Read More »

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Where can I download a good, free video editing software?

Depends on your OS type...Windows XP includes Movie Maker which is pretty functional.Linux has KinoMac had support thru Avid Free DVand there are others...

Whats a good movie editing program that I can download from the internet for free?

You won't get any good ones for free, but if you want to spend the money and do it the right way, i reccomend Pinnacle or NeroVision. Pinnacle is deffinatly #1 in my book :)

Does any one know of a free photo editing software that I can download without getting virus's?…This site contains some best photo editing softwares(both freeware and shareware are included).You can search with keywords, filter by features and compar... Read More »

Movie Editing Software for Windows?

With the right equipment, anyone can make a movie right in their own home. There are many movie editing software choices available for amateurs who just want to have fun as well as those who take t... Read More »