Where can I donate free food in arlington?

Answer Donating food to an Arlington, Virginia, food pantry to aid those in need can be accomplished with not much more than a simple phone call. The Arlington Food Assistance Center coordinates donations... Read More »

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How to Donate Food?

There are many organizations that operate food banks locally, nationally and internationally. With larger numbers of the world's population falling into poverty and dealing with hunger, governments... Read More »

How to Donate to a Food Charity?

Here are the steps to donate to a food drive at your local grocery store. Donating to charity can be incredibly life fulfilling and will bring peace of mind.

What is best to donate to local food banks?

Channel One Inc. suggests donating canned tuna, ham, chicken, beef stew, peanut butter and beans. Canned fruits and juices, vegetables, pasta and sauces, boxed meals and soups make excellent choice... Read More »

Do I need a vendor's license to donate food?

If a person is donating food and serving that food to the public, then a vendor's license may be required. People should check with their state or local department of health. A license is not neede... Read More »