How do hairstylists feel about people coming back to complain about their cut?

Answer I agree with Laura. As a stylist myself I make it a policy not to touch other peoples client's. I have had people complain and I do not take it personally because it comes with the territory. But I... Read More »

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How to Back up iPhone Texts?

The iPhone backs up the majority of its content every time it synchronizes with iTunes. Apple's desktop software doesn't allow users to manually restore individual aspects of these backups, such as... Read More »

How do you complain to FTD?

Florists Transworld Delivery, better known as FTD, allows people to send floral arrangements and gifts worldwide. With its "Good as Gold" Seven Day Satisfaction Guarantee, you can be assured that F... Read More »

Should I complain?

Is that Johnson's 'Face & Eye Cleansing And Moisturising Lotion' in a white bottle with blue label, 200ml? I bought it especially to remove mascara. Same thing as you, it absolutely 'STUNG' the cra... Read More »

Do I Have a Right To Complain?

Well, even though the waiter probably was correct, he didn't need to smirk, and give you the business...I would complain to management, and tell them if a full party of 8s money isn't welcome there... Read More »