Where can I buy typewriters that are modern but made to look retro.?

Answer check out at Amazon…Also check out at Ebay…

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Who made the first typewriters?

According to American Heritage, Remington was the first company to manufacturer typewriters. This event took place in 1874. The Remington wasn't the first writing machine as there were 112 before i... Read More »

Where are gus modern sofas made?

Gus modern sofas are made by the Gus Design Group. This furniture design company is based out of Toronto, Canada, where sofa manufacturing takes place. Gus does not sell furniture directly to the p... Read More »

Who made the first modern computer?

Konrad Zuse built the world's first program-controlled computer, called the Z1, in 1938. It had the basic components of a modern computer, including the binary system. However, it had mechanical pr... Read More »

Who made the first modern safety pin?

A mechanic named Walter Hunt invented the modern safety pin in 1849 in New York. The patent number is 6,281. He also invented an improved fountain pen and a primitive sewing machine.Source:Enchante... Read More »