Where can I buy snow skin mooncakes?

Answer Go to a Chinese Supermarket or better a bakery. I am chinese and I go to them all the time, but if you aren't you might not have a easy time finding them since we don't really talk about them. Sear... Read More »

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Where can I buy Mooncakes in the UK?

Go to you local Asian/ Chinese supermarket, they are usually the Suppliers to your local Chinese takeway and they should have some, while your there get some chinese tea, as mooncakes tend to be ve... Read More »

What exactly are 'mooncakes' I heard from a dear friend that its a Chinese traditional delicacy.?

i got a link of picture and recipe for you.yes they come in many forms such as black beans, egg yoke, recent years even in durian favours and differerent colors as in green and yellow. the tradtion... Read More »

Where did snow globes originate?

Though the history is murky, snow globes supposedly originated in Europe in the late 1800s. According to American Profile magazine, snow globes became more widespread after appearing at the Paris E... Read More »

Where can i get close up pictures of snow and ice?

Heres one...…Everything from 'ski1.jpg' down on this page...…Heres one... Read More »