Where can I buy silver ingots in tucson, az?

Answer Silver ingots are pure silver cast into easy-to-carry bars. You can find them in different weights and ingots are weighed in ounces. They are an attractive investment for new and experienced coin c... Read More »

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How to Make Lead Into Ingots?

Do you have large amounts of loose lead in your garage? In your Boathouse? Many of us have hundreds of old fishing weights and hooks around. This article will show you how to consolidate the lead i... Read More »

How to Melt Copper Ingots?

When metals are melted in quantities, they're often formed into a little square or rectangular nugget that's called an ingot. Ingots are then cut down to size and shaped into tubing, wire or sheets... Read More »

Is the silver snoopy award also called the silver bullet?

The Silver Snoopy is an award given to NASA employees for making outstanding contributions to forwarding the potential for mission success by making improvements in design or systems, exceptional a... Read More »

Can a silver spoon&water make colloidal silver?

A silver spoon stirred in water will create colloidal silver, according to Bali for Kids. Since colloidal silver is simply water with silver particles, a spoon with a high concentration of silver w... Read More »