Where can I buy rug loom thread?

Answer Weaving your own rug by loom can be a fun hobby for either leisure or profit. It's also a practical choice, since rugs are used in nearly every household. Finding the right kind of thread offers ad... Read More »

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How to Fix a Broken Thread Loom?

Most warps break at least a little during the weaving process: it's unavoidable. But there's no need to panic about broken warp threads. It's easy to splice a new one in. There are several ways to ... Read More »

How to Weave on a Square Lap Loom & the Hexagon Lap Loom?

Learn how to weave on a square or hexagon lap loom to create fabric shapes. This is a simple yet versatile form of weaving which creates a fabric that resembles a waffle weave. This is a two-part ... Read More »

How to Make a Loom Similar to a Butterfly Loom?

With a Butterfly Loom, yarn crafters can create beautiful and intricate afghans, scarves and more, but they don't do it by knitting or crocheting. A Butterfly Loom uses techniques similar to macram... Read More »

How do I thread a Singer electronic control easy thread machine?

Power your sewing machine down. Put the thread on the thread spindle on top of the machine. Move the spool pin holder over the rim of the spool so the thread doesn't tangle. Rotate the handwheel on... Read More »