Where can I buy nutritional yeast and how long does it keep once opened?

Answer Nutritional Yeast - by Allison Tyler Have you tried Nutritional Yeast? It’s not the leavening yeast that makes bread rise (nutritional yeast contains no live enzymes) and it’s not Brewer’s ye... Read More »

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How long does cream cheese keep in fridge once opened?

well i would say at the most 10 days but make sure that is is seal with a lid

How Long Can I Keep Evaporated Milk Once Opened?

This international standard pertains to a company's management system, especially in choosing vendors and other suppliers. Just one of the standards put out by the International Organization for St... Read More »

How long will wine keep good for cooking once opened?

On One Hand: Use It ImmediatelyWine is only good for two to three days after opening, because once oxygen contacts the wine the fruit flavors start to fade. Cooking with an old wine will add flavor... Read More »

How long does smoked salmon last once opened?

After opening a package of smoked salmon, it will last about one week in the refrigerator or two to three months in the freezer. Smoked salmon keeps best when it is wrapped tightly in plastic or al... Read More »