Where can I buy live chicken?

Answer Any Southern States location.Depends what you are buying them for, though....if it's to eat, it would be FAR cheaper to go to the hens are egg factories, so have a far higher pot... Read More »

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How long can chicken pox live outside your body?

If you mean outside as in a not infected person, then forever until it's killed by something that's meant to or by accident.

Has Bob Barker ever eaten a live chicken in Home Depot?

I bought a few live hens recently. I want to eat one now I have guests, but how do I choke the chicken?

You know, you should probably check Eck's answer to SilentRunning's question about Meat Tenderizing. You could probably pick up a few tips. Eck seems to be quite the expert in these matters. And re... Read More »

Curry Chicken Sweet & Sour Chicken Or General Tso's Chicken Which would you prefer?

They are all pretty tasty! Add to that list Sesame Chicken.. a bit of a cross between sweet & sour and General Tso's chicken. I usually would go for the Curry Chicken because its can be made healt... Read More »