Where can I buy e-cig E9 from a US seller?

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How to Purchase a Gun From a Private Seller From One State to Another?

In 1938, Congress passed the Federal Firearms Act, which set up a system of authorized firearm dealers. Those who obtained a Federal Firearm License became known as FFLs. In 1968, Congress, through... Read More »

Is a business seller libel for a crime committed there after the sale even if the final payment was still owed or is new owner to blame given the original seller gave up all his rights to the business?

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What if You Buy a Car from a Private Seller but He Does Not Have the Title for the Car?

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What is required from seller to sell a condominium in Michigan?

In most states, if you hold title to a condominium, you should be able to sell it.However, there may be restrictions or conditions upon sale, depending on what is spelled out in your governing docu... Read More »