Where can I buy dried lavender?

Answer The pale blue, fragrant flower buds of lavender are often used in potpourris, wedding tosses, sachets, culinary recipes, bath water and as a deterrent for moths when placed in drawers to keep cloth... Read More »

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How do I preserve dried lavender?

StoragePlace dried lavender in airtight containers. Zippered bags and jars with snug lids make ideal storage containers for lavender. Put zippered bags and closed jars in a dark closet or shelf. Pi... Read More »

Can dried lavender be put directly onto linens?

Answer A device that pulls in the surface water of a pool. It uses the surface tension of the water to pull in the leaves, buds, etc. that get blown into or fall into the pool in through a small ba... Read More »

Are dried lavender seeds any good?

Glass does not typically "break" at any temperature. If you want to be technical, the melting point of glass is 2600-2900 °F, which is much (much) hotter than a dishwasher is capable of. When thi... Read More »

How to Make Dried Lavender Lemonade?

Lavender is an aromatic herb that calms the senses, and many people enjoy growing it in flowerbeds and gardens. Lavender comes in different cultivars. The best varieties for lemonade are the Englis... Read More »