Where can I buy door bug curtains?

Answer If you live in a home that has great air circulation in the summer but can't open the doors for fear of letting in every insect in the neighborhood, you may want to consider purchasing a bug door c... Read More »

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How to Insulate Door Curtains?

Insulated curtains help make your home more efficient, whether during the winter or summer. People often think about hanging insulated drapes at the windows, but not everyone thinks about hanging i... Read More »

How to Hang Door Curtains?

Door curtains are usually sheer cased curtains, affixed at both their top and bottom to the door. The sheer fabric transmits light, but provides privacy. Special screws are required to install cur... Read More »

How to Make Door Panel Curtains?

Create added privacy to a door with homemade panel curtains. Panel curtains will give you privacy while still allowing light to filter through the fabric. Light-weight fabric in colors to match you... Read More »

Ideas for Sliding Glass Door Curtains?

There are a world of possibilities for sliding glass door curtains. Beyond just the traditional curtains with a valance, you can really explore new and innovative techniques that will allow you to ... Read More »