Where can I buy curtains for my monitor I've just had windows installed!!?

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I have installed windows 7 in c drive after that i installed windows xp2 in e drive. now i able to open xp2 to?

pls keep windows 7 cd-disk while you are turning on the computer and click on start up repair option after a few basic steps/clicks(u have said that u have installed , i hope you have knowledge abo... Read More »

Installed new graphics card but nothing shows up on monitor?

No it wouldn't be the powersupply unless it's not connected properly ie do the basics and check all the wires are correct and fitted tightly

Can Windows XP Professional be installed over Windows XP Home Edition?

Windows XP Home Edition can be upgraded to Windows XP Professional Edition. Because there is no upgrade option when installing Windows XP Professional, you must first boot the Windows XP Home Editi... Read More »

Where does Microsoft Windows 2003 go when Windows 2007 is installed?

If Office 2007 overwrites Office 2003, it removes the older suite from your computer. You can, however, run the versions concurrently, though Microsoft doesn't recommend it. Simply choose a differe... Read More »