Where can I buy corel videostudio pro x2 guide book?

Answer From Corel, a used book store, somebody on EBay, flea market, etc....

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Is there any add on effects for Corel VideoStudio?

I've been using the mask frames for Paint Shop Pro and they work fine in VSP.…You can download a Zip file of all the masks on one page or you can click on ... Read More »

How to Transfer Files Between Corel 8 & Corel X3?

If you have upgraded from the older CorelDRAW 8 to the newer CorelDRAW X3 you can transfer images easily from one version to the other. CorelDRAW is a graphic design software program that allows yo... Read More »

I have a hace an hp printer.. but the corel fusion program keeps defaulting to a corel printer, which i dont h?

You should be able to select your printer from a list of printers when you select File then Print. Also, try shutting down the printer & computer completely & then power them back on to see if mayb... Read More »

Can someone please guide to a paper or book that goes through the Linux kernal?

From what I hear, the best book on the subject is the now-outdated "Understanding the Linux Kernel".The last version only covers the 2.6.xx arch.