Where can I buy club aluminum cookware?

Answer As any chef will tell you, using quality cookware is no different than using a quality set of tools in any other profession. Club aluminum cookware is one such set of tools and is a legacy brand p... Read More »

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How do I clean Club Aluminum cookware?

PrewashPrewash Club Aluminum cookware with warm, soapy water to remove any loose dirt and debris. Use a steel wool pad to gently scrub away grime. Rinse the cookware with clear water and towel dry.... Read More »

How to Eat From Old Aluminum Cookware?

Whether it's a pot your grandmother passed down to you, a pan you found for a steal at a flea market or just your everyday kitchen set you've had forever, you may find yourself in possession of old... Read More »

What Is Cast Aluminum Cookware?

More than half of all cookware is made of aluminum, but the material is coated in a surface that alters and hardens the surface of the aluminum. In spite of concerns about the ingestion of aluminum... Read More »

Health Effects of Aluminum Cookware?

Food or drink prepared in plain aluminum cookware can draw out and absorb aluminum under certain conditions. Tomatoes, citrus and other acidic foods, as well as food and drink that sits in an alumi... Read More »