Where can I buy capacitors, 0.2 uF 1200 TV, online?

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How to Size Capacitors?

Capacitors are used in mobile stereo installations. There is a finite amount of power available to amplifiers from the car's battery. If the amplifier is too powerful or demands too much power from... Read More »

Difference Between AC & DC Capacitors?

A capacitor is an electronic device constructed using two plates of electrically conductive material separated by a non-conductive material, or insulator. It is used in electrical applications and... Read More »

How to Wire Capacitors?

A capacitor is an electronic component that's like a short-term battery for storing electrical charge. Capacitors can be wired in parallel or series. For most automotive amplifier applications, ca... Read More »

Various Types of Capacitors?

A capacitor is a component that holds an electric charge. Manufacturers construct capacitors from numerous materials, including metal, plastic and ceramic. You can find capacitors in many electroni... Read More »