Who owns blue cross blue shield of South Carolina?

Answer Parent company of the virtual monopoly claims processor of all govt health plans like medicare. Congresses gave them immunity form criminal investigations and prosecutions and internal audits of us... Read More »

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Blue Ridge Log Cabins in South Carolina?

Offering some of the most spectacular scenery in the country, the Blue Ridge Mountains run along the interior of most of the southern coastal states, including South Carolina. A popular form of cam... Read More »

Who killed Jordan's mother in Crossing Jordan?

It Was Jordan's Older Brother. She Doesnt Know He Exists But In One Episode In Season 2 It Is Shown That Her Brother (Called James) Killed Their Mother As Revenge For Max Giving Him Away When He Wa... Read More »

Who was the girl with Jordan in Crossing Jordan was almost the mother?

What will happen if you mix a blue black hair dye with darkest natural brown hair dye.?

It'll be black. I dyed my hair using blue black dye and it was jet black. What they mean by blue-black is the black is blue based, but you wont see the blue, at least I didn't when I dyed mine, but... Read More »