Where can I buy adult blanket sleepware?

Answer Winter can be cold, and staying warm is important for comfort and overall health. Adult blanket sleepwear will definitely help ward off the chill as the temperature outside drops. But sleepwear bla... Read More »

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How to Be Courageous when Forced to Wear an Adult Blanket Sleeper(As an Adult Wearer)?

Many different people in many different places around the world wear different things at night. Some wear night shirts, while some wear absolutely nothing. Some wear just a shirt, while some just w... Read More »

How many yards of fleece does it take to make an adult no-sew blanket?

You will need 2 yards of each color of polar or blizzard fleece to make an adult no-sew fleece blanket. You will need two different colors, one for the front of the blanket and one for the back for... Read More »

When using a heating blanket can another blanket be used on top?

It is not safe to pile excess items on top of a heating blanket. Doing so could generate excessive heat, cause scorching and even ignite a fire. Be careful and always read the manufacturer's safety... Read More »

What is the differce Warming blanket vs electric blanket?

A heating blanket usually comes in a bed size that you would keep on your bed where as a warming blanket is usually smaller like something you would wrap just your legs or upper body up in. Heating... Read More »