Where can I buy a pink cake?

Answer Lets see...a pink cake. Where would you buy a pink cake. Hm.... An auto parts store, maybe? Nah, they won't have it. A fabric store, would they have pink cake? hmmm probably not. Pink cake... Read More »

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How to Make a Pretty N Pink Cake?

Make Pink Cake to commemorate Cancer Awareness month. Cut the cake into serving size, and sell them to friends and neighbors, and donate the money to the Cancer Fund.

How to Bake a Pink Buttercream Cake?

Butter cream cake is a delicious type of cake that is eaten everywhere, from small gatherings to weddings, from schools to homes across the world. Not only is this particular pink cake festive and ... Read More »

Is it best to paint ur room pink with pink carpet and pink bed covers?

Where, in Australia, can I get a sponge cake - a proper sponge cake, like gran used to make?

You ain't gunna get one mate.....not anywhere.Women of today are too busy yakking on their mobilephones or scrolling through their smart phones, blackberries,blueberries, cranberries or whatever.Th... Read More »