What does a mercury thermometer measure?

Answer A mercury thermometer is a device that measures temperature. Comparing the height of the mercury against a scale gives the temperature reading. Fahrenheit and Celsius are the most common temperatur... Read More »

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How to Repair a Mercury Thermometer?

A mercury filled clinical thermometer with a centigrade scale (click image for larger version).If the column of mercury (or other indicating fluid) in a thermometer separates, the void will render ... Read More »

What Makes the Mercury in a Thermometer Rise?

Thermometers are really familiar tools. Many people have them inside and outside the house, and can read them from a distance. They help people decide how to dress for the day, as well as help mete... Read More »

Who invented the mercury thermometer in 1714?

Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit invented the mercury thermometer in 1714. He was a German physicist who lived from 1686 to 1736. His thermometer was based on a scale he developed with 32 degrees as the f... Read More »

My kid says he ate the mercury after he broke the thermometer. Is it bad because he looks fine.?

Emergency room bad. Be ready to explain to CPS why he was allowed to play with a mercury thermometer by himself. Good luck.