Where can I buy a laser pointer?

Answer There's a bunch of them on amazon, here's a link for laser pointers…

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Where can i buy a 1w laser pointer?

It is illegal and you can blind people with that. Don't be an asshole.

I am looking for a green laser pointer, 30 mwz that has an approximate 10 mile radius where do i find one?

Ya, in the uk. Try Supposedly they pop balloons and stuff. Not sure if they're legal here or not.

Is a laser pointer dangerous?

On One Hand: Limited Laser ExposureMost laser pointers used and sold in the U.S. contain low- or moderate-power diodes and are relatively safe. There have been numerous reports of temporary or "fla... Read More »

Is a laser pointer cat toy safe?

On One Hand: Healthy ExerciseMany cats, especially those kept indoors, aren't active enough. This can cause them to gain weight to the point of obesity, which in turn causes other health problems. ... Read More »